Antenna Modeling Software Notes

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Practical Antenna Notes: Lower HF (Mainly) Vertical Antennas

Practical Antenna Notes: Lower HF (Mainly) Horizontal Antennas


Practical Antenna Notes: Upper HF (Mainly): Yagis and Relatives

Practical Antenna Notes: Upper HF (Mainly): Other HF Arrays and Questions

Practical Antenna Notes: VHF/UHF (Mainly)

Transmission Lines, Impedance Coupling, and Construction

Continuing Series

HAMCALC: A Special Note. Numerous articles refer to HAMCALC, a suite of utility calculation programs developed for hams by George Murphy, VE3ERP. The information in the articles gives Murph's address for obtaining the current version on CDROM. Due to a bout of ill-health, HAMCALC is no longer available on CDROM. However, you can obtain HAMCALC from this link to the CQ Magazine site and download the current version of the suite in Zipped format. The site provides instructions for installation and use.